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iBill data may not be

I mentioned yesterday that pr0nography seekers (and payers) could soon be dealing with a heck of a lot more solicitation, being that their purchasing habits could be public information (much to their chagrin).

As it turns out, this could be all wrong.

Brian McWilliams notes that the 17 million records (still floating around, mind you) may not be from iBill. It might instead be coming from gray market data brokers, which in turn are cutting deals with ecommerce sites (possibly) and internet marketing firms (probably) to get the information in the first place.

For those who use their credit cards to buy online pr0nography, you may be safe after all (although it might still be wise to get out a little more).

Porn looker “NOC list” is in the open

This could win the “Irony Of The Year” award. The US Government tries grabbing Google search results, all the while claiming the need is for the fight against pr0nography (child in particular). Meanwhile, a huge list of pr0nography viewers names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and IP addresses are found floating around on the internet. How huge a list? Uh, 17 million records huge.

The records seem to trace back to a company called iBill, which was one of the biggest billing agents for adult content. iBill was purchased by a bigger fish, only to run into lots of trouble with chargebacks and weary partners. The list is reported to be a MySQL dumpfile greater that four gigs in size, suggesting an inside job.

The Google request may now be a non-issue. Getting outed for being on this list is another matter altogether.