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Security problems leveling off, thank goodness!

IBM recently release a report on security threat trends, letting everyone know that 2006 is expected to be a period of leveling off. Big Blue noting over a billion (yes, a BILLION) computer security threats in 2005. Is this “leveling off” supposed to mean we are out of the woods?

Throttling solutions from IBM and Symantec

This isn’t exactly late breaking news, but Yahoo! posted an article on some new anti-spam technologies, entitled IBM And Symantec Look To The Sources To Try Slowing Spam, which gives a pretty good explanation of how IBM’s FairUCE and Symantec’s appliance-based traffic shaping technologies work. It is worth a read, particularly if you are still under the impression IBM is planning on “spamming spammers.” It is also worthy of a few comments.

FairUCE report by CNNjr correspondent

Even though the facts were straightened out roughly an hour after CNN reported IBM going into the vigilante spam business, some folks still don’t get the hint, including ITBusiness.ca.

IBM hopping on the spam vigilante bandwagon? I don’t think so.

There has been a lot of chatter regarding IBM’s latest foray into the anti-spam marketplace. At first, the talk was primarily bunk. IBM was being accused of spamming back the spammers. Now, a few days later, the record has been set straight on FairUCE.