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Imports complete

Found some help, and now imports for the old Thoughtmarket.com and Spamroll.com posts are complete.

I’ve dispensed with categories in favor of tags, so posts are organized by origin (Office, Mobile, Spamroll, Thoughtmarket, and a yet to be filled category entitled “Rivers and Flats”).

If you are coming from Thoughtmarket.com or Spamroll.com via a link you found, and are now looking for a particular post, please accept my apologies in advance. I wasn’t particularly concerned with preserving inbound links, and the idea of a redirect file thousands of lines long wasn’t in the cards. Use the search box, comfortable in the certainty that I hope it works for you.

UPDATE: I can’t believe there were over a thousand entries.

UPDATE 2: There are plenty of broken internal links – fixing those will take plenty of time, but if you’re finding them, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d point them out.

UPDATE 3: Tags are back where they should be.

I’ll get all posts in here sooner or later

This website will eventually contain select contents of the previous Spamroll.com and Thoughtmarket.com blogs (the moment I find someone who really knows how to import the stuff), as well as all future goings on.

Meanwhile, I’ve chosen a sparse design for which tweaking will be kept to a minimum. The reasoning – many sites have more in the way of graphics, widgets and what-have-you for most people’s tastes (and dialup connections), yet the virtual gadgets continue to proliferate at an alarming rate. My question is…does anyone feel the glitter DOESN’T distract them from the content at hand? Personally, I can’t read half a paragraph of most blog entries without being tempted to click on some link, picture, or flashing graphic – I almost never finish consuming the content. But I guess it’s all good, if you own one of the companies making the bling.

Inspiration for the approach comes from the ideas of Edward Tufte, styling examples from plaintext.org, and the timeless wonder The Elements of Style.

UPDATE: One caveat – I reserve the right to throw some photos up.

On moving MovableType

I moved this site to a new host roughly two months ago. When doing so I thought it might be nice to go with a pre-installed MovableType host so I didn’t have to fool around with editing config files. Of course, I used the MT export/import function to move the entries (as the database schemas were slightly different between the two installs), but now it seems that didn’t work very well. I’ve since recieved a few emails stating I have broken links and/or missing pages. Those emails are correct too.

If you find a link via search engine or otherwise, and the page does not come up, try adding a “_1” to the end of the filename (but before the .php part). And make sure the filename is not more than 15 characters (which means you may have to delete a few characters to stuff the “_1” in. If that fails, chalk it up to a poor migration. If you email me back, I will try to dig it out of an old backup and upload it for you.