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If you think Viagra and stock spam are bad…

How about being pretty certain that each day you will receive several email messages containing malware? If you live and work in India, that’s exactly what you face.

Someone really hard pressed to put the breaks on the tech outsourcing craze or what?

India’s spam fight could be breakout maneuver

Scot Petersen of eWeek notes that India’s economy is reaching a “tipping point” (quoting the overused Malcolm Gladwell term), meaning cut rate call centers and core development outsourcing are losing steam.

Innovation and creativity, whether it is buzzword Web 2.0 or stuff or not, are needed. Might I suggested that India leverage its burgeoning spam problem, and work on innovative, creative new ways to stop it.

Off to school again

An ongoing report on why university IT departments should let their students run the show..

Latest (although not necessarily greatest), Iowa State University.

It is not just in the tea leaves

Microsoft recently announced that it is investing $1.7 billion in India’s technology infrastructure and development capabilities (meaning in the smart people over there – not exactly a scarce resource either).

It isn’t Microsoft’s first investment in India, but it comes at an interesting time for the company. They have been prodded for years on their monopolistic status in the tech community – and despite reaching a settlement on many of those issues with the US, the littany of foriegn countries slapping them in the face still hasn’t stopped. Many of the talented folks from Redmond have moved on to bigger and better things not just from the lower levels. The open source community rolls out viable options to their products on a minute by minute basis. Microsoft needs fresh competitive advantages.

They have a clue, others have the same, and the concept is already moving beyond pure tech.

India Fighting Cell Phone Spam

The Indian economy is growing by leaps and bounds. Naturally, the expansion of consumer technology use follows, and cell phones are no exception. Unfortunately, marketing firms have been quick to jump on the bandwagon as well, and now subscribers are being pummeled with telemarketing calls and SMS spam.

India is now fighting back from the legislative front, and Spamroll has some suggestions for their cell phone subscribers that would make life a whole lot easier.