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Korean Spyware Vendors Indicted

In America, we have a lot of lawyers, and those guys are desperate for money. So when they find an opportunity for a little extra cake, they jump on it. Case in point, this class action against a spyware vendor.

Meanwhile, over in Korea, their economy is still growing, and I think they have placed a moratorium on law school admissions for students entering private practice, so when they find out someone is manufacturing spyware, they just indict them.

I am not even sure Korea has a law against spyware, but who cares! I am not going to complain about their action one iota. I think other countries following the example would be nothing but a good thing.

DotComBoiz getting gender change, the hard way

Two Florida men were just charged in a major crackdown in the Sunshine State. While their exploits included the usual forging of headers, spoofing of IP address, and other no-no’s, they went a few steps further into the black pit of legal despair.

Among the spammed products, tobacco products and e-books. Still listening – they attempted to distribute pharmacy products, without a license. Have I lost you…purportedly pirated movies. I bet the shenanigans don’t end there.