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Dude, the recession’s in your backyard

Blogger (and University of Tennessee Law School faculty member) Glenn Reynolds writes “DUDE, WHERE’S MY RECESSION?” and notes:

“U.S. unemployment lines got shorter last week, as the number of people filing for the first time for unemployment benefits fell by 18,000 to 365,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis in the week ended May 3, the Labor Department reported Thursday.”

Mr. Reynolds should have peeked out his backdoor first:

[Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee] said the first quarter was the third worst on record, and the second quarter “is certainly shaping up to be worse than that.” This is more evidence that the economic slowdown is spreading beyond the ‘bubble’ states (like California and Florida) and impacting state and local government tax revenue in other states too.The article mentions that Tennessee is cutting 5% of their state workforce. This is the typical negative feedback loop at the beginning of a recession: a weak economy leads to less tax revenue leads to state and local job cuts that further weakens the economy.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers (and thanks Mr. Reynolds, for the link). I don’t think the quote above inferred “in deep recession” or even in some kind of recession as much a precursor to an economic downturn exacerbated by bad decision making. Whether you fail to save or borrow beyond means, it’s still bad decision making. How do you know when you “are in a recession” anyway?

Comcast: my friendly, caring, and cheap dogsitter

Today must be National Bash Comcast Day.

Someone started a rant about Comcast’s poor service. Glenn Reynolds picked up on it and is now running a poll asking his readers to help him decide which service to switch to. Others are piling on.

How about turning off the TV for a bit and getting outside, eh?

I am a Comcast subscriber. A happy Comcast subscriber. I have the minimum cable TV subscription possible, and the only reason I turn on the TV is to keep the dog company when I’m out. Even that has competition, since the neighbors love taking him, and…

I keep a Mac Mini around as a backup computer, which also serves duty as a nightly server backup machine (with a neat little AppleScript/cron job combination) and as a stereo system (married to Bose Companions, all sitting on the fireplace mantle). I’m now piping Minnesota Public Radio through it during the day – that has elevated my already stupendous canine friend into the intellectual elite, with a combination of classical music and mixed talk (although frankly, my dog would probably bite me if he knew I was comparing him to the “intellectual elite”).

I find it hilarious that people are squawking about the fact that kids aren’t too keen on the outdoors anymore while simultaneously pissing and moaning about their cable service.

By the way, I also have a Comcast internet connection, and it screams. I’ve moved twice with it and always found the techs courteous and willing to work with someone who possesses a bit of technical know-how (like understanding how to get a connection through the modem without having to install software). They are always cool as cats as far as I’m concerned.

Maybe I get treated well by them because I loved getting dirty as a kid (and still do)?

Glenn Reynolds should start bookmaking

And he should take one bet – whether or not Instapundit will be removed from the Google index for hostile commentary this.

Too Much “Organization” Discredits The Political Blogosphere

The organization can be the formal courting of bloggers by a political party, or an informal network that simply reacts to incumbent manifestations.

It makes no difference – it is still obvious and enduring. The right moves ever further right, and the left moves ever further left. There is nothing but cross-talk within each particular group – a whole bunch of parroting of the exact same thinking. Even when the discussion makes a full-hearted effort at maintaining a middle ground, there is always someone ready and willing to shoot it down. It doesn’t follow this weeks talking points handout, so it is automatically bunk, and then the name calling starts.

What is most unfortunate is that when either far side’s “opinion generators” opens their mouths in the name of subject matter diversification, it is apparent there is little substance behind them. But they have their heads stuck so far up their asses, they don’t even realize how ridiculous they sound.

I for one am bored already, and the real elections are still almost three years away.