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WiFi cafes now a little less dangerous

A while back an exploit was found that made Windows machines quite vulnerable to attacks. That might not seem so strange, except that instead of some researcher figuring it out in a lab, it was done by some folks playing around with WiFi in a coffee shop. Someone then asked whether the problem existed for folks who didn’t use windows to manage their wireless card, and in usual fashion I had no really good answer (when is there ever one around here).

Now the concept rears its ugly head again as Intel has plugged the holes in Centrino wireless management systems.

There’s your answer. Yes, and now no (until someone finds another hole).

More comparison without the “fruit” pun

A while back I bought a Mac, not really caring whether it was a frivolous purchase. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that it was at least as usable as Windows, and could be tweaked hardcore like my dual-booting Linux-running Dell C840.

After picking up a Cinema Display to go with the little Powerbook, the Dell didn’t last long. Of course, I find it ironic, as Michael Dell once said Apple wouldn’t last long.

Intel Inside, or on Apples?

A few days back, rumors emerged that Apple may be considering Intel chips for Macs. No sooner mentioned, then folks were putting their two cents in as to why it won’t ever happen.

But then Paul Otellini, the new CEO of Intel, is questioned about some security issues during a recent conference, and he readily admits that there may be more secure options than Wintel available for consumers, as we speak. Of course, he was actually pressed on whether Apple computers would be a better option for security conscious consumers when he made the comment, but I didn’t want to rub it in.

I own a Wintel platform, but the Intel side sees a lot more time in Linux, and I am typing this entry on my Apple Powerbook (which after only two months of use, now accounts for more than 90% of computing time). And, no viruses, no spyware, and fewer spams (via Entourage).