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End of year filings

Read tomorrow when you’re nursing your hangover – it’ll certainly make more sense then.

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  • Jeff Jarvis, one of the few high profile bloggers I’ve seen that actually mentions something about their religious affiliation online, says “Google is God.” Meanwhile, the only ad on Buzz Machine is delivered by Google, and the displayed inventory is an attack ad by Compete against Alexa.
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  • I was working on a joint venture deal in China, with a pre-negotiated price. Each time I checked with the accountants working through the due diligence the assets got smaller and the liabilities larger. Seems the theme runs throughout the Chinese economy. Of course, you could also surmise the same about the US economy and the housing market it’s been so entirely dependent on.
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  • Everyone wanted an iPod for Christmas (again). Some folks got cryptic notes espousing anti-capitalism instead.
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  • Sweetheart…knots are natural!
  • Just in time for Christmas – iPod-borne viruses

    According to, well what might be the strangest report I have heard this month, a small number of Apple’s iPods shipped with….are you sitting down… a Windows virus acquired on the manufacturing floor.

    Please, don’t ask. I don’t have a clue. I am in shock and awe right now – it is like something out the Dustin Hoffman movie Outbreak. Windows viruses are now iPod-borne!

    The End of Boredom, or Another Distraction

    I’ve been through three iPods in my life, and pushed them away for the same reason. I can’t listen to music, in solitude, while I am boarding on a busy slope or getting a beer at the local pub. In fact, I can’t do it while reading, walking the dog, or even creating a spreadsheet model. I don’t mind listening to tunes doing all those things, but it is the encapsulation, the loss of a sense about the outside world, that bothers me.

    Mark Cuban says its the coming age of the end of boredom, and Kottke notes numerous fun things you can do with your iPod, but I don’t get it.

    It is another passive activity, like watching TV, that just doesn’t work well for me. LIke watching sport, games…something originally created to distract.

    Participation is tantamount to living.

    Apple’s music storage play

    Today, Computerworld pumped out this piece about Apple’s iPod, and the flexible layer it possesses for storing everyday data in addition to music. The article then goes on to speculate that Apple in the personal storage business, but disguises it as the music business. That all makes a lot of sense.

    What hit me hard, however, was the mention of data security issues, and how the popular iPod could be a mechanism for data theft. It is there that I also have to agree, but I don’t think that singling out the iPod serves any real purpose here.

    The iPod could pale in comparison

    I’ve heard an awful lot of analyst (and Dell executives) talk about how Apple is a one hit wonder with the iPod. While I have gotten a little more biased after my month on a Powerbook, I still couldn’t take the mindset of the fanatics, and had to continually lean towards the pundits. That notion gained even more strength after I saw the Mac Mini, and thought it overpriced and useless. Now I am beginning to wonder.