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A boon for honest accountants

The IRS is proposing new rules which would allow accountants to sell their customers’ returns to data brokers. Some are calling this an “IRS privacy nightmare”, while I am going to call this a non-issue, and or a boon for honest accountants.

First, the customer has to sign an authorization form allowing the sharing selling of this data. Unless you are a moron, and/or susceptible to the sales pitch of a chain tax preparer, this isn’t going to happen. I also believe that pressuring customers and/or using deceptive means to get these authorizations is going to rear its ugly head, and good, honest, hardworking independent accountants are going to wind up with a lot of extra business as a result.

Taxpayer data security in question

Some are questioning just how good the security of taxpayer data is. I’d say there isn’t a lot to question.

Government bodies get failing grades for cybersecurity, and government data brokers’ privacy policies are being questioned as well. Throw in the fact that some government contractors, including ones with direct dealings with the IRS, have a lot of problems, and I would say you have a receipe for disaster.

The chef just hasn’t shown up yet.

Your tax money is in good hands

After hearing that the IRS website was the target of a phishing exploit, I had to frown. The IRS is using URL forwarding on its Govbenefits.gov website (the name of which is an oxymoron in itself), and phishers are taking advantage of the fact to forward folks to their own scam sites.

I have always had good experiences with the IRS (which is an easy task if you don’t cheat). But reputations precede themselves, and if your organization lacks accountablility to its patrons, there is no reason to think too long and hard about the consequences of your decisions. Maybe phishers figured that if the IRS is cavorting with Choicepoint, there just HAVE to be some holes in their systems.

Who Needs Phishing – Just Ask the IRS

We’re up to our ears in Viagra ads. We can’t tell a valid banking email from a phish. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime on the planet. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about online..here comes the IRS.