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Direct syncing between OS X and iOS is back with Mavericks 10.9.3

Apple just released an update to OS X, and syncing Contacts and Calendars with iOS locally (i.e. over USB) is back in action. Like the good ole days, just open iTunes, highlight the connected device, and click the Info tab. After you update the operating system of course.

iTunes syncing

For those who might have followed the instructions for syncing with either the OwnCloud or OS X Server workarounds, those directions are now immediately obsolete. However, no matter the approach you used, remember to move Contacts and Calendar items back to On Your Mac or Main, respectively, before removing the WebDAV functionality those posts prescribed.

MG signing off (because it is officially the weekend … almost)

Pulp Fly now available on iTunes

Pulp FlyThat is correct. You heard it right here. First. The authors don’t even know yet.

You are special.

The latest release can be had via this link: Pulp Fly Volume Two.

Volume One is just a few days behind, reason being the producer rushed a bit (i.e. fricken blew it on the first go ’round). Damn that guy! The fine folks in Apple Quality Control are reviewing updates, and the first born should be attainable soon enough, right here: Pulp Fly Volume One.

MG signing off (to congratulate all, and kick the producer’s ass)

UPDATE 8/1: Volume One is now available.

Confluence Films’ “Connect” Now Available For Download on iTunes

Confluence FilmsNow part of the new age…

BOZEMAN, MONTANA 11/20/12— Confluence Films, the creators of Drift, Rise and Connect, announced today that the feature-length film Connect is now available for download on iTunes. This latest film, shot around the world in Japan, Maine, Cuba, Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and Tanzania, Africa, has received rave reviews since its release on November of 2011.

One of the only fly fishing films currently available on iTunes, Connect is now available for download in both the HD version ($19.99) and in the standard version ($14.99). The link to access Connect on iTunes is as follows: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/connect/id575303962

As with Drift and Rise, Connect is the result of a partnership by Director and Cinematographer Chris Patterson of Warren Miller Entertainment and Executive Producer and Writer Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. There are plans to also add previous titles Drift and Rise to iTunes in the near future. In addition to these new iTunes formats, Connect DVD’s and Blu-Rays remain available for purchase through the Confluence Films website (www.confluencefilms.com) and through most specialty fly shops. DVD’s are $29.95, and Blu-Ray discs are $39.95. Trailers for Drift, Rise and Connect can be viewed at www.confluencefilms.com.

Read my review of Connect here.

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Apple’s services security goof

Apple‘s OS X operating system is, in this user’s opinion, a bastion of security. It all boils down to its UNIX roots, and it’s that fact, not the famed usability, that won me over. Considering that, you’d think Apple could apply some similar know-how to the fortitude of their services, but alas my iTunes account has been disabled. The situation could have been easily avoided too.

I’ve been receiving these notices intermittently for some time…

Apple security


Your iTunes Account Needs Updating – please click here

Damn, am I glad I got rid of that iPod! While banging away filling the sucker up, I might overlooked the phish that wanted my precious Apple ID! Someone could have been downloading shitty pop music using my account. Am I a lucky bastard or what?

Note: the idea that someone would leave their credit card information available at an online computer hardware store never crossed my mind, maybe because I think one-click purchasing is for the lazy, and stupid.

Be careful downloading your “favorite” videos

A warning has gone out to PC and Mac users regarding a potentially dangerous buffer overload problem in iTunes and Quicktime movies that could cause system crashes. Apple has refused to comment on the issue, pending investigation – I don’t know what the Windows side of the world is doing about it.

All I can say is that I wouldn’t be particularly worried about downloading an NBC sitcom and having it destroy my machine. In addition, most people using iTunes are doing one of two things with it – either ripping CDs to add to their library, or buying music from the store for the same reasons. Neither, in my opinion, exposes one to much risk.

However, if you frequently download music or your “favorite” video clips (whatever they may be) from questionable sharing networks or websites, I’d be a lot more cautious until the potential problem is patched. Or you can do the right thing and avoid those places altogether (even though that wouldn’t be as fun).