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Hattery and Badassery

Special delivery from General Alexander Landeen:

Alex Landeen

The patch reminded me of another warrior of the fly, Admiral Jean-Paul Lipton. He earned his fifth star, recognition as an Idylwilde Flies Signature Tier

Jean-Paul Lipton

To each I salute.

MG signing off (to wear the hat, and fish the flies)

He shoots. He scores.

The clock was ticking, and just before the buzzer Bandito Lipton a.k.a. The Roughfisher took the shot.

mirror carp

And scored.

MG signing off (to find an oxygen bar – much needed after the ammonia we inhaled downwind from that water treatment plant)

Something Rough this way comes

roughfisher fliesKid Rough is representing from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and there’s no better time to throw out some poseur grading fun facts…than now:

– The Roughfisher is a veritable encyclopedia of fish biology, water rights laws, and Mesopotamian culture. Score: 10 + 50 + 9,225 points, respectively.

– The Roughfisher carried only Scott Fly Rods with him to Colorado, and a couple of classic ARCs to boot. Score: 2,540 points.

– The Roughfisher comes prepared, with lots of flies, Shoe Goo to repair his nearly new but crumbling Cloudveil boots, and a hankerin’ for barbeque. Score: 200 + 5 + 850 points, respectively.

– The Roughfisher refuses to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, but must have a Diet Dr. Pepper by 9am or he turns into quite the a-hole. Score: -540 + 540, respectively.

– The Roughfisher can catch smallies too. Score: a cool 10K.

We are not lacking for carp action, but we are short quite a few flies. Call it lazy knot tying, old leaders, or just plain ole’ giving the caprs a sporting chance. Meanwhile, the weather and the flows have been highly cooperative, and faces look distinctly raccoon-ish.

smallmouth bass

It’s all smiles around here as we head into the Fly Fishing Expo. We’ll say ‘hi’ to a few folks and then immediately seek out the free beer.

There is going to be free beer, right?

MG signing off (to hang with the rough crowd)