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Flurry of links – 1/26/09

A view outside this Monday

It felt like spring around here last week. Now it’s time for flurries.


News you gotta have to start your week – 1/19/09

Knowledge leads to success…sometimes

  • Wealthy men give women more orgasms – the statistically insignificant polling sample is going to lead to a lot of controversy, and a lot of men looking for second jobs;
  • Roughfisher Beast of the Year – this is an honor suitable for kings, and an idea for trouters who don’t know what to do with last year’s waders;
  • Cracking the (Social) Code – business speak, for anyone trying to figure out how to create a Facebook group for plastics extrusion or become the go to twitterer on CNC machining;
  • IFPI Says 95% of Music Downloads Are Illegal – they omit that the other 5% weren’t illegal because the songs were created with GarageBand;
  • And…

  • Jim Rogers Says Worried About Dollar, Favors China – I admire the guy, but still I wonder where Jim Rogers’ money already is.
  • Adieu.

    We Are Facing an ‘Inflation Holocaust’

    Snippets from Jim Rogers:

    The way to solve this problem is to let people go bankrupt. “Then you will hit bottom and then you start over. The people who are sound will take over the assets from the people who aren’t sound and we will start over. This is the way the world has worked for a few thousand years…

    The current rescue plans, which will force governments to issue more debt, print money and flood the markets with liquidity, will flare up inflation after the crisis is over and will create worse problems…

    We had the worst excesses we had in credit markets in world history. We’re going to have to take some pain…

    Many people bought 4-5 houses with no money down and no job… you think we’ll just say well, that’s too bad, we’ll start over and nobody loses their job? Be realistic.

    And this:

    We’re setting the stage for when we come out of this of a massive inflation holocaust.

    Jim Rogers has been right about as much as Nouriel Roubini, which is to say an awful lot. I do, however, find it somewhat odd that their prospective remedies seem to differ quite a bit.