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March Madness Niceties

Anything can happen in March, but it is still nice to be the ever so slight favorite …

March Madness

One percentage point over Louisville and Arizona (at 17% each)

As for the bracket, well it comes from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight, a journalistic outpost that is attempting to apply some rigor to its reporting. A novel concept indeed, and also nice to see.

MG signing off (because the devil’s in the data, but today’s journalism is just a never-ending sales pitch)

Proof intraday financial journalism is worthless

The Chinese central bank intervened, and stocks went up! No wait …


So, let’s change the headline at the link …


Well at least someone injected some humor via the commments …


MG signing off (because someone gets paid to do this, a sure sign the US manufacturing sector is on an upswing)

To fight Google, you now need Apache gunships and an exorcist

Newspapers vote Google worse than Osama bin Laden.

They’re also the new anti-christ.

We’re approaching a crescendo – the point just before the headlights meet the deer.

Bloggers, journalism and newspapers

The last line of the second comment here should provoke a lot of whining.