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The BIG WHY on blogger disclosure

Josh Catone has produced a quality write-up on the issue of blogger ethics and disclosure. My question is…why should bloggers disclose when mainstream media journalists don’t?

Before you blather on that this is just an isolated case, I’ll go ahead and throw a penalty flag. It’s just that someone was stone-cold busted, which doesn’t happen very often. And it won’t change soon – the media will keep using the same old tricks until they are insignificant and, well…dead. And they’ll be whining about the internet until someone puts them in the grave.

The real problem, Mr. Newspaperman, isn’t that your content isn’t online or isn’t online with multimedia. It’s your content. Specifically, it’s what you report, which stories you publish, and how you publish them to people, who, by the way, have very different individual interests. The problem is the content you’re giving them, stupid; not the platform its on.

Thank you, Mr. Crosbie.

People are wising up. I’ll add that trying to sneak into a convention full of enthusiastic security hackers un-noticed is a fine sign that the mainstream media isn’t. I’ll also keep listening to the bloggers, regardless of their disclosure. I know some of them are full of it. Some may be arrogant, but at least they try to be amusing. I like their content.

And I can actually respect many of them too, because I know they aren’t just plain stupid.

Out with the old, but the rules may still apply

Old media may have taken a liking to new media (think social networks and blogs), but according to some, they are still figuring out how to play nice in an ever shrinking sandbox.

If the continuing questioning of bloggers’ ethics is any indication (think journalistic integrity), maybe they have all already figured it out.

Of course, the fighting isn’t all over yet.