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Your U.S. Senator likely sucks

Daily Kos reported today on the Coburn amendment, which was supposed to reallocate hundreds of millions appropriated to ridiculous projects, to rebuilding Katrina decimated New Orleans. And guess what…the amendment failed.

What a travesty.

Note that 15 senators did do the right thing. 11 Republicans and only 4 Democrats…hmm. I wonder what else was tacked on to the amendment, or what else was tagging along the original appropriations. I also wonder what the hell the other 82 who voted no were thinking.

Pets lost in Katrina disaster need help too

I am posting the following article from the Washington Post in its entirety, in hope that at least one pet stranded in the Katrina disaster can find its way back to its owners, or find a new home. I am proudly owned by one outstanding collie dog – I couldn’t imagine him going through the same ordeal (or life without him for that matter). You can check PetFinder to find out more about how you can help these animals in need.

Katrina disaster prompts philanthropic care

Every time there is some kind of hardship, caused by some kind of disaster, there are going to be scammers coming out of the woodwork. The terrible circumstances surrounding Hurricane Katrina are no different. It is nice to see the press catch on for once, warning folks to donate wisely.

I’ve left a post over at Thoughtmarket with enough legitimate links and ads for the American Red Cross to keep you busy donating for some time to come.

Katrina Donations via American Red Cross

I hope Americans are enjoying the Labor Day holiday weekend, but I can think of more than a million who are not. I also hope that people everywhere will follow the events in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, and think long and hard about how fortunate they are. The level of devastation is mindboggling, so instead of bickering about who is to blame, why don’t we all just lend some assistance, even if it is only with our money.

The American Red Cross is accepting donations to support Katrina relief efforts – you can find the donation page here, or you can call The American Red Cross directly at 1-800-HELP-NOW. I have left a permanent link to this page at Thoughtmarket as well (under Katrina Donations in the upper right hand corner).