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Mass quantities of precious Free Range Dubbing pilfered from central California vault

Free Range Dubbing fly tying materialThere is no other way to explain the package I just retrieved from the mailbox, particularly given the fact it is common knowledge I mingle with the criminal element. But having admitted as much, there is probably no use in sending it back to the rightful owner, one Keith Barton of Singlebarbed fame, as he’s already distributed samples to the likes of Alex Cerveniak and Pete McDonald. Expecting their more honorable opinions, I imagine.

The bounty purloined on my behalf included the following colors: Caddis Green, Pea Green, Medium Green, Dusky Olive, Dark Olive, Rusty Olive, Brown Olive, Honey Mustard, Yellow Mustard, Caramel Brown, Rust, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Gray Brown, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Carbon Gray, and Black Claret. It’s a veritable cornucopia of thorax and abdominal, with the latter being something I can certainly use some work on. Sadly, however, I have little experience with such shades – tan and pink are all I know, and I spend every spare moment tying bonefish flies with it regardless of what putrid carp water I’m fishing the following day. Therefore, I solicited the opinions of bona fide experts in the field of body material, and here is what they had to say…