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Spyware changing colors

According to the latest spyware report from Webroot, adware infections are slowing, and system monitors are becoming more common.

With more and more keyloggers on the loose, and music companies watching what you are listening to, the news from Webroot is none too surprising.

In the name of love

I guy produces a keylogging software package, and then sells it to a bunch of folks under the guise of keeping track of their loved ones online actions. This is an obvious violation of a ton of wiretap laws, and the auuthorities agreed. The “LoverSpy” creator AND his customers were indicted!

The good news is there are still thousands of copies of the software floating around for you jealous types.

Keyloggers take center stage

Phishing has been getting a lot of press as of late. Its the bandwagon phenomena as far as I’m concerned, as the traditional media doesn’t get it until long after the rest of the world already knows it. We are starting to see the same thing happen with spyware, and keylogging is not immune.