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Pulp Fly now available on Kobo

KoboIn the never ending quest to make reading Pulp Fly publications as easy to do on the couch, around bedtime, or even immediately after your post-morning coffee*, Pulp Fly is pleased to announce that the entire catalog of fine outdoor sports eBooks (the number of which will double in December, and may well double again by late next spring) is now available at Kobo. Here is a link to previously released Pulp Fly volumes -> http://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/Search?Query=pulp+fly.

Haven’t heard of Kobo? Well you just did. Kobo is a unique electronic bookseller that provides support for most all portable devices. Their promise is that you can Read Freely, meaning whether the device is Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, or even Blackberry, the reading material you just purchased is good to go.

Even if you must go now right now.**

MG signing off (as this announcement has been cross-posted at Pulp Fly)

* Editor’s note: Did he just say that?
** Editor’s note: He did it again, goddamnit!