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Korean Spyware Vendors Indicted

In America, we have a lot of lawyers, and those guys are desperate for money. So when they find an opportunity for a little extra cake, they jump on it. Case in point, this class action against a spyware vendor.

Meanwhile, over in Korea, their economy is still growing, and I think they have placed a moratorium on law school admissions for students entering private practice, so when they find out someone is manufacturing spyware, they just indict them.

I am not even sure Korea has a law against spyware, but who cares! I am not going to complain about their action one iota. I think other countries following the example would be nothing but a good thing.

SMS spam rules, fines get tougher in Korea

South Koreans are about to receive less spam on their cell phones if their government’s plans take hold. According to this press release, fines for unsolicited cell phone calls, land-line calls, faxes, and short messages could hit roughly $30K per violation. The new opt-in only rulings don’t effect email, but don’t you fret. The new generation of our Asian friends don’t use much email nowadays anyway (see New Forms of Online Communication Spell End of Email Era in Korea).