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Korkers Streamborn Wading Boots – One Year Later

[singlepic id=153 w=100 h=75 float=left]I bought a pair of Korkers Streamborns in early April 2008, and have not used another boot since. While I’m often accused of being a cyberfisherman [definition: getting very little time on the water but finding a way to blog about fly fishing trips an awful lot, and making good use of photoshop and/or other people’s photos in the process], I’m still going to show you what a pair of these boots look after a year in the closet of receiving enormous abuse.

Uh…they’re mint, or as close to it as one could expect with a fraud wearing them:

korkers1 korkers2 korkers3 korkers4

I’d happily produce additional closeups of these babies to further the idea of how well they’ve held up, but it would be a futile effort – my photography skills blow, and you’d probably accuse me of photoshopping them like I do all my fishing pics anyway. Still, I must say I often hear comments about boots lasting a whole year, and boot reps cheering victory. Bleh. Tell me they went two or three or four years (the way these boots are headed) and I’ll be impressed.

The uppers are still perfectly intact, and there’s not a single sign of cracking, delamination, or separation of fiber from rubber. I’ve kicked aside enough rocks (and skidded down enough trails) to have broken toes, and yet the stitching all around still looks like new. They’ve been repeatedly subjected to some joker’s smelly feet (a stench surely capable of permeating neoprene booties) and clown show ready wading skills. Further, it’s been scalding hot water baths followed by utility room rack drying after each fishery encounter. As for the switch-able sole system…well it still works like a charm (and even better than new since the owner actually knows what he’s doing now).

My only complaint – they eat laces for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m on my third set, and they’ll see a fourth after tomorrow’s jaunt to another closet a desolate canyon fishery that is full of porky pigs, trapped like rats in deep clear pools because the water management officials love and cherish my very existence on our fair planet. Korkers should send me a lifetime supply of new laces, as a show of similar adoration.

Combined with my lucky socks (pair back together…thank God!), I’ve still got a good shot at snagging the golf club bag with these boots…when moving them out to the front window for all to see.

MG signing off (to test the Korkers on a construction site)