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Australians hammer their first spammer

It is hard to tell how effective spam laws are, as you don’t hear much about prosecutions for their violation. I suspect the reason is that such events are few and far between. Case in point: Australia just nailed the first spammer under their law – one that has been in place for a few years now.

It took the US a little over a year to nab their first spammer under CAN-SPAM. The bust resulted in a settlement that some would consider a bit weak.

A law without teeth is hardly a law at all. How tough do you have to get to stop the nonsense?

More spyware…NOW!

Security experts are saying that the computing world is facing an escalating spyware threat. Major reasons cited include the increasing sophistication of the bugs, and the fact that few people are taking action to protect themselves.

I can’t wait for the US government to pass some useless laws that don’t stop it.