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Post-Thanksgiving things to be thankful for

A list not worth saving

  • I’m thankful one of my guests yesterday was an attorney.  He’s already threatened to sue me over my cooking and I need a good lawsuit to keep my mind off work this holiday season.
  • US investors should be thankful for the SEC. They’re keeping their priorities straight.
  • The fishing industry should be thankful that nobody weighed this roosterfish.  They’re gonna save a lot of endorsement money as a result.
  • Retailers should be thankful gas prices are plummeting.  Consumer confidence is on the rise, just in time for the holidays.
  • Social network addicts should be thankful they have so many online friends, and that getting rid of them is such a good laugh for the rest of us.
  • And…

  • Those that have written off the mainstream media and its associated lackeys as toddlers in constant need of a new binky should be thankful that there are still some real grownups around.
  • Adieu.

    Google Sued For Selling Ads On Parked Domains

    Via Information Week:

    “Google includes millions of parked domains and error pages that have little or no content, and that result in practically zero conversions, in both its Content Network and its Search Network,” the complaint alleges. “Given the low quality of these parked domain and error pages, advertisers would not want to spend their advertising budgets on these distribution networks. However, Google designed its network in such a way that it was virtually impossible to opt out of the AdSense for Domains and/or AdSense for Errors programs.”

    I believe this complaint has some merit, and don’t think I’m alone in saying that parked pages full of ads suck too. I’ve also been thinking the parking business would be needing a new business model, sooner or later. Maybe it’s sooner.

    (h/t Search Engine Land)

    Ohio University sued over multiple break-ins

    Ohio University has struggled as of late with hackers. Actually, struggle isn’t doing the problem justice. The institution has been hacked time and time….uh…..again. And after they ignored warnings over faulty security to boot.

    Now they are being sued. Class action status is being pursued, with ongoing credit monitoring and damages for identity theft losses being the bounty.

    As John Burns, OU’s legal affairs director noted on the lawsuit:

    “We’ll review it and we’ll defend it.”

    How do you defend five hacks, and a possible class action lawsuit seeking reasonable assistance with potential problems caused solely by your negligence? Or better, why do you defend against it?

    The lack of accountability, as well as the arrogance, in institutions, is astonishing.

    Bank of America sued over customer data fiasco

    It took a while, but despite Bank of America’s public relations move in the security realm, they are not going to escape the legal system over their massive customer data “leak.”

    After notifying each customer for which data was pilfered and offering free credit monitoring services, they are finally getting sued.

    Spitzer sues spyware company

    We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again – Elliot Spitzer suing evil-doers. Yes, Elliot is at it again, this time suing spyware vendor Intermix for infecting millions of computers with redirect code, silly toolbars that do nothing, and tons of popups. Best guess is more than 3.7 installs in New York alone.

    Boy I sure do wish I didn’t spend all of my time on my PowerBook and my Linux slab, or I too could see some of these neat little tricks.

    Meanwhile, lets just hope Elliot has consumers best interests in mind, and has thought through all the issues before pulling the trigger on this one.

    Spammer sues spammed

    I don’t think that this one has a leg to stand on, but I picked it up via Spam Kings: Spam Kings Blog: Cruisin’ for a legal bruisin’. It seems Mark Mumma – I take it he is some type of sys admin/small ISP/something else I can’t quite figure out – has made a little side career out of suing spammers. Now they have bit back.

    I have a few questions/points about this…..