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Spammer sentenced to 9 years, awaits appeal

I waited to post this article until the day after every news station on the planet did, just so I could feel special. Yes, Jeremy Jaynes, the spammer busted by the State of Virginia under its felony statutes, has been sentenced to nine years in prison. His sister, also convicted, had her charges dismissed, and Jaynes purported accomplice, Richard Rutkowski, was acquitted on all counts.

Now my “special” question…

Spammers won’t like delayed notice subpoenas

Spammers hide behind the shield of the internet, which provides some anonymity for them while they pump our inboxes full of sex cream offers. When law enforcement gets clued in to a potential spammer, the first course of action is usually to obtain a subpoena for the ISP’s records, as the ISP is often the only way law enforcement can find out who the spammer is. Unfortunately, ISPs (particularly spammer friendly ones) can easily clue the perpetrator into what is going on, and the scammer then jumps behind his shadow. If some attorneys had their way, this notice would be the outlier rather than the norm.

Three Quick Steps for Responsible Marketers

Email marketers are under increasing pressure to maintain ROIs from email campaigns. Even the most legitimate, opt-in-only, pieces are often blocked by recipients. If customers cannot receive the message, there is no reason for outsourced email marketing services to exist.