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Politico touts infections as promise

A British politico says there is is great progress being made in ecommerce and broadband connectivity – the signs are there because the networks are clogged with botnets. I think most politicians are pretty clueless about tech – and they either can’t or won’t get competent advice on the subject. Nonetheless, calling mass botnet infections progress is ridiculous, particularly considering its harmful side effects – spam, identity theft, computer crashes, and lost productivity.

Maybe the UK government should look into licensing all its PC users.

Gambling system ripe for abuse

As if casino gambling wasn’t already the best way to put you in the poor house, now you may be able to add data theft from casinos to the list. A new system is on the market (to casinos) which will automatically grab data off your driver’s license when you hit the window for a cash advance.

Lets hope casino data security systems are better than Choicepoint’s.