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Online storage with a smile

I’ve been searching far and wide for online storage solutions, but simply haven’t had the time to compile a comprehensive list for review. That’s both the beauty and the nightmare of the new internet – plenty of choices that are increasingly difficult to find amongst the banter.

Someone handed me a noise-cancelling headset today – 80+ File Hosting and Sharing Sites.

Thank you.

PS: for those that expressed dislike with these lists over in the related comments, please be advised that some folks actually find this stuff extremely useful.

UPDATE: Even more what I was thinking about when I inquired.

Privacy rights start with email address care

Brian McWilliams, author of Spam Kings, recently noted one of his colleagues, Frederic Aoun, had a interesting, if not so serious solution to the spam problem. Bust up the spammers’ customers along with the spammers. Well, that is already happening, in an indirect way of course, to those very customers right now.