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Stuff worth reading between boozing and barbecuing – 07/02/09

Brought to you this one day only in true order of importance

Fly Fishing

  • Despite Economy Tackle and Fishing License Sales Holding Steady [Angling Trade Magazine] – When the going gets tough, the tough go fishing. Just like Lefty Kreh said they would.
  • It’s an L.L. Bean gear review long weekend [Up’North Maine Fly Castings] – You could be boozing and barbecuing, but if you’re reading this you’ll probably wind up hitting at least 762 boats with your backcast this weekend. Relieve a bit of the crowd stress by wishing you had some of this gear: a Double L. Rod and Reel, and/or a bug resistant shirt.
  • Technology

  • Got Ideas? Tech Companies Crowdsource Creativity With Contests [GigaOm] – Whether it’s clever advertising ideas or downright brilliant new business propositions, there’s money involved. And in some cases, big money.
  • Latest Thing To Blame On Google? Koi Thieves [Techdirt] – You can blame Google’s satellite imagery now, and you’ll probably blame Craigslist next. But these guys are the real culprits.
  • Finance

  • Auditing the Fed will Audit the State [Mises Daily] – If Ron Paul gets his way, a lot of dark and dirty secrets will come bubbling to the surface. In other words, Ron Paul probably isn’t going to get his way (and you’ll continue being royally screwed).
  • Starve the Beast [The Market Ticker] – There isn’t much you can do about the 98% tax bracket headed your way, but with consumer spending accounting for 70% of GDP, going on a buying strike would certainly get someone’s attention.
  • MG signing off (not really)