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Check out this super cool Louis Cahill trout picture from my backyard

Master photographer Louis Cahill’s work is a regular fixture over at Deneki Outdoors, and with good reason. It just plain rocks. When Deneki Top Dog Andrew Bennett dished out this reminder of Cahill skill, however, I felt the need for a little one-upmanship.

See…Louis doesn’t just take pictures…

Louis Cahill

…he poses for them too.

Catching trout is the easy part.

MG signing off (having one-upped, although who I’m not quite sure)

FIBFest. flickr. fotos. free.

With Louis “Quality plus Quantity” Cahill, you get exactly what you’re looking for…

And then there’s a few pics from the cross-eyed dude with the Gotcha embedded in his left shoulder (yes, Smithhammer hit me!)…

These sets will get updated each evening, so come back around anytime.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s fishing report is officially canceled as we had a Keith Richard’s sighting last night at the tiki bar (a.k.a. Slack Tide). Dealing with the paparazzi was a bitch.

Good for you, however, because the first person to guess who our Rolling Stone impersonator is wins a free Andros South cap!

MG signing off (to find some Tylenol for my aching head sore casting arm)