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Mac hack turns FUD?

A taped demo at Blackhat (taped because the demonstrators were fearful someone would interfere) was supposed to show a MacBook wireless vulnerability. As it turns out, the drivers that SecureWorks researchers used were from a third party.

So much for taped demos.


You have to love this line:

“As part of a responsible disclosure policy, we are not disclosing the name of the third-party wireless device driver until a patch is available.”

Responsible disclosure my ass. Can anyone say “banned from Blackhat demos, for life?”

***UPDATE 2***

Maybe that should be journalists banned from Blackhat instead.

The heat is killing me

But it isn’t the weather, which is a balmy 21F right now. The fact that Windows drivers are near completion for what is being touted as the fastest XP laptop around, I can feel that burning sensation in my pocket once again.

The fact that Microsoft doesn’t have a Virtual PC solution for the new Intel-based MacBooks, likely won’t have one (considering the news, it seems a bit futile, eh), and that I have one major service provider that refuses to move off ActiveX windowing for something purely web-based, burns me as well.

What must PC manufacturers are thinking right now is beyond me, but if I was a betting man I’d say they are feeling the heat too.