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Where did your fly rod come from? Or for that matter, your car?

Is it made in America, or did you pick it up wholesale via China? Taxes may be part of the problem, but I suspect scaling (i.e. having enough varieties of carbon to suit everyone’s fancy), plus inevitably high marketing expenditure, also puts a lot of small shop rods out of reach of the average consumer.

My own quiver, which is made up of a variety of fresh and salty Sage, Scott and Orvis rods, means I’m contributing to the local economies of Bainbridge Island WA, Telluride CO, and Manchester VT, respectively. I also have one Loomis, a 12 wt. GLX which I bought before the company was acquired by Shimano (Shimano, right?) and one Penn (another 12 wt., carried around as a backup to the self-described fragile GLX – yes, I’ve seen several break). Don’t know where either came from. The median age of my rods is around eight years, meaning I’ve been very satisfied with my choices despite the expense.

And I swear by Lamson and Tibor reels (Ketchum ID and Delray Beach FL get all my coin).

Sad to say my vehicles are a different story. While I’ve owned some domestic autos they’ve rarely possessed the off-the-shelf quality or remained as consistently reliable as my fly fishing gear.

Then again, maybe I’m asking too much.

UPDATE: On scale, Paul Graham. Fly rod makers are the ‘high-res’.