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Unclogging your Mac gone slow

Macs get slower with prolonged use, much like Windows machines. Mac OS X, however, is really just UNIX, so Macs don’t have registries. Hence they are pretty easy to clean up. This tutorial will show you how to make things right on your Mac gone slow, and without spending a dime. Or even a minute of phone time.

You will need the following:

1) Admin access to your machine

2) Onyx, a free software tool you can get here for OS X 10.8. 10.7 users can find a compatible version here.

Get that stuff, then proceed.

First, close every open application1. You can do this by hitting Command-Tab, selecting a running app, hitting Command-Q, and repeating until the only application left is Finder (you can’t quit that). Next, open a Finder window and navigate to Applications/Utilities. Launch Disk Utility.

OS X Disk Utility

Click the Repair Disk Permissions button. The process could take 15 to 20 minutes, so be patient. When it’s done, quit Disk Utility (again Command-Q).


Keeping the project bike rolling

RenovatedA few years back I did a bike renovation. A 1999 Specialized M4 frame was stripped clean and powder coated. The original Manitou Carbon fork was put back on, now attached via a Chris King headset. Race Face Next Carbon bars on a 110mm Ritchey WCS Carbon stem would do the steering, with Titec Pork Rinds keeping the hands from slipping. The rider would sit on a Selle Italia Flite SLR seat over a Thompson Masterpiece post. XTR cranks and Crank Bros Ti Eggbeaters transferred the power (or lack thereof) from the engine to the axles (XTR + Control Tech Ti skewers sans quick-release). The transmission was re-cabled, and the brakes were re-padded. Old school by today’s eight-grand standard, but all said and done the result weighed in a hair under 19 pounds.