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Your place in the universe

I received the attached email, and thought it worthy of response. Considering the strife in the world, perspective is worth thinking about – and training humankind in how to deal with that should be our common goal.

The email is attached after the jump – my response is as follows:

Excellent perspective, but surprising coming from you (as it is entirely non-religious).

Everything can be whittled down to a smaller degree – a comparison right down to the atom and quark would show you the same degree of “sizing.”

The goal is not just to pursue happiness, but make an astounding difference (which inevitably creates self-fulfillment and a feeling of fulfillment in those around us – the result winds up being happiness). But, we all pursue that goal under different frames of mind, and each should be respected for its inate altruism.

The true human achievement is benefiting the universe without abusing our inherited power. We only have measurable time before we become food for worms. The question simply becomes who can undertake such a task without stepping on the dreams of others.

Just my own description of peace.