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When your market tumbles, promote speculation with leverage!

Sad but true

The Chinese equities market has not been performing well. But regulators and market makers have the answer.

According to Bloomberg:

China may limit new share sales and allow investors to borrow money to buy equities in an effort to boost the world’s sixth worst-performing stock market…

They are going to restrict the ability of Chinese companies to do secondary financing, thereby reducing the supply of stock, while allowing those buying the stock (i.e. the speculators who have been taking a bath as of late) to borrow money to buy. The market goes back up, but the underlying issue companies starve for new capital. And sooner or later the speculators have to pay back all those margin loans.

It’s extremely short-term thinking. The Chinese are going to have to hope and pray that the market stays up long enough for companies to get the impending backlog of issues out the door. Those same companies will likely be borrowing like mad in the meantime. The only identifiably consistent concept here? Everyone is going to be deeper in debt.

If the Chinese government would just step in and loan money directly to the pummeled shareholders to prop up their brokerage accounts, you might just have the U.S. housing market.

Changing the world: one app, one bubble, one ID, and one margin call at a time

Having 2,000 feed items stuffed in one’s reader when returning from even the shortest vacation has me thinking about how to put said reader on vacation as well.

  • MySpace and Facebook apps suck. That’s not what they really said, but The Silicon Alley Insider did point out how little they might really be worth. I’ve got no experience with MySpace apps, and my only brush with Facebook apps was getting some notification that a friend had installed one and I should do the same. My first impression – I’m getting spammed (and others share that feeling). I would never react to such a notice again, even if I was an active Facebook user. Hence, they are worthless to me too (or maybe I’m just worthless to marketers). Also of note: based on their numbers Facebook should be worth something in the neighborhood of $850 million.
  • The New York Times infers that things are getting overheated in Silicon Valley. I disagree – I think a lot more bets are being placed on a lot more companies, and I suspect those bets are generally a lot smaller than post-Bubble 1.0. There may be a lot of duplication of effort going on, but the best execution in each category is going to turn out a winner. The money is just trying to find each of those winners. Meanwhile, TechDirt had its take on the Dallas Cowboys backing out of a domain purchase, but I says its a simple matter of the rest of the world not paying much attention to the chaos.
  • Commodities traders are in short supply. As a general rule, the commodities business also retains far fewer numbers than its big sister on the securities end. I think the actual registered headcount via the CFTC is less than 200K, while the NASD numbers hover around 800K. Someone throw me a bone on those numbers (and if anyone needs a Series 3/30, drop me a line).
  • OpenID gets a victory in the fight against phishing, as well as some competition. I think the first part is great – now the challenge is getting anyone and everyone to embrace Information Cards. On the latter, I’m going to bet it’s a non-starter – too little, too late. Despite being widely embraced, even OpenID is having slow goings regarding consumption (both in systems and people). More power to SlashID if they can be more effective on that end, but I’m skeptical.
  • After consuming this, I dropped TechMeme from my reading list. I guess I can just read each of these every morning from here on out. That, by the way, is a joke.
  • Seems that debt problems extend beyond the government, those bought out, and even mortgagees. I thought much of the last year’s rally was purely cash-driven, but I guess I was wrong. Personally, I only use my margin account for short selling.

I think that covers last week.