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RSS for eMarketers – Are there any holes?

Rok Hrastnik dropped Spamroll a line, and made some interesting points that I frankly have to cave on.

Rok points out that the users ability to simply shut off any unwanted feeds is exactly the reason why RSS can be so powerful for legitimate marketers. I have to agree – never thought of it in that light.

Are there any technical or other holes lingering in the wings (like comment spam, etc.) that may foil this process. Looking for reader comments – appreciated for my learning experience as well as others.

You can read the rest of Rok’s insights at Is RSS the Solution for Emarketers?, although I have deleted his posted email address out of courtesy.

I also want to note that Rok’s comments seemed unintrusive, which is surprising for someone trying to push a product, so I encourage readers to check out more of what he has to say.

Ok, I have caved on two issues. My ego just got the best of me, so now I am shutting up. But I will read the book.

Is RSS the Solution for Emarketers?

Andy McCue of Silicon.com deserves a special thanks for plugging the latest “me-too” book, this time on RSS feeds and how they are the emarketers’ dream come true, in Have RSS feeds killed the email star? – silicon.com.

Why thank Andy….? Well no opinion was expressed on the validity of Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, by Rok Hrastnik, that’s why. Finally someone shows a little skepticism by not going overboard with a glorious review of what I suspect is bunk.