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Departmental Quotes of the Day

Slightly less amusing than owning banking stocks

From the Screw FASB And Their Damn Year End Closings Department:

  • Quickbooks for Mac users were caught in an update debacle, with Intuit’s latest patch eating files. Intuit’s initial response: “…our recommendation for now is to turn off your computer and do not use it further.”
  • From the Every Dog Has Their Day Department:

  • “Losers average losers” – Paul Tudor Jones; “Losers average losers, unless both ‘losers’ are Goldman Sachs” – anonymous
  • From the Sallie Mae’s Collateral Is Worthless Department:

  • “To err is Human, but it requires an MBA to really fuc* up.” – Barry Ritholtz
  • From the I’ll Take That Muni At LIBOR + 16 Department:

  • “It is really a situation where states have been making promises that they have to pay for tomorrow and not putting the money aside today.” – Susan Urahn, managing director at Pew Center on the States.
  • and…

    From the Microsoft Ain’t Dead Yet Department:

  • “While you are waiting for it, users are still saying ‘I’ll just send you the Excel file’. While you are waiting for it, 94% of the country is getting shit done.” – one very reasonable software engineer
  • Beware of the “Letters” people

    Friends and I joke about people who always stick letters behind their names in correspondence, on their business cards, etc.

    Why to they do that? John Doe, PhD, Jane Doe, CLU, and my favorite, Joe Blow, MBA. Cripes, you can get an MBA for 100 bucks from an online store. It isn’t a credential! Should everyone with a college degree (a real one) put BS or BA behind their name? Not likely, unless they want to be laughed at – there are only two letters there, for pete’s sake.

    I am a certified public accountant – have been for over a decade. And I’d be embarrassed to add CPA to my name, everywhere said name goes. It is silly – some would say a bit narcissistic. I met a guy from Lincoln Financial Advisors once. His card said “JD*”. What did the “*” stand for – it was a note saying he was a “licensed” lawyer, just not practicing. What the hell does that mean? I’m a lawyer, but I can’t give you legal advice? What is the point?

    The point is, they are compensating. These people want the world to know that they accomplished some educational, accreditation, or other high priced lofty goal. It says they weren’t working while they were doing all that studying, and it says they have accomplished little since.

    Compliments of a friend, who IS a PhD, but prefers to use “SFG” at the end of his name (for Senior ****ing Geek).