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VeriTest Anti-Spam Benchmark first-round test results in

Veritest, a subsidiary of global maintenance and testing company Lionbridge, has announced the results of its first round of benchmarking in the anti-spam software arena.

Veritest’s first round includes three packages, and here is how they fared..

MCI upgrades Managed Email

MCI has upgraded their managed email services for business to include anti-spam and anti-virus enhancements, as well content control measures for both inbound and outbound traffic. This is likely a response to Symantec’s recent jump into the managed email space, and Spamroll will be looking for reviews from the “outside world” on both.


Symantec Enters Hosting Market

Not unexpected, but Symantec, our fearless leader of producing 99% effective security protection tools, is going head on against Postini, MessageLabs, and the rest of the hosting family.

Threats peaked? Whatever!

Larry Seltzer of eWeek has an interesting op-ed entitled More Evidence Spam Has Peaked. Interesting, I say, as late in the article Larry points out a big reason why it might not have actually peaked (and why it may never go away).