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New service called Privnote – short messages that get deleted once read.

Self-destructing messages (i.e. email) have been tried before, but I think the timing is right this go-round. Plus, we now have those obfuscated/shortened URL services like TinyURL that work as an additional privacy measured during distribution/notification.

The whole “messaging” thing is offensive

Mike Arrington noted that a new Ask.com/Crispin Porter ad campaign billboard is offensive. Unabomber…right.

The whole concept of “messaging” is offensive, IMHO. The assumption is that the consumer is not very smart. That might have been true a few decades ago, but it is changing as fast as the information flow is. Throw in the newspapers and television, and it is pretty easy to be skeptical about almost everything.

PS: I am not going to change what search engine I use because Ted Kazinsky’s name is mentioned along with it. It is about results, and a PR campaign isn’t going to change the results. The “messengers” need to realize that if the results aren’t good the moment you see them, you’re forever a lost customer.

Open Source Message Queuing

For a colleague of mine: Financial Industry Floats Open-Source Messaging Standard for Web Services, SOA. I was recently introduced to some folks who have been working on a competing product (albeit for some time). It doesn’t surprise me that JP Morgan would try one on their own, with the goal of opening it up. Message queuing is well ingrained in the securities industry.

I will be curious to see if someone picks up on the idea of integrating these systems with Michael Stonebraker’s StreamBase.