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What the Shuck? Beer, brats and bugs, that’s what.

What the Shuck is a gathering of Simms and Idylwilde dealers from across Colorado and surrounding environs. Michael “Walk The Chubby” White (a.k.a. Whitey) puts this event on each year, ostensibly for the purpose of introducing new products to the dealers, sharing business ideas, and fishing the Rio Grande watershed. Taking place in Creede, CO, it’s Whitey’s way of saying thanks to the folks that support his business, acting as a manufacturer’s representative for the previously named brands, as well as having a good time. Which Mr. White knows how to do in a very serious fashion. Very serious.

I just came back from this conference of movers and shakers of the fly-fishing world. Upon invite, I was told I was doing a diddy on web presence, i.e. how to cultivate massive supplies of schwag make friends and influence people, using internet tools. I accepted the challenge not for the enterprise, but for the fishing, which by the way was damn good. We spent several days kissing the grass with fat dry flies, and my casting arm is still feeling the burn. Along with my stomach (from all the beer and brats).

I even got a sweet hero shot…


Photo: Rick Mikesell

MG signing off (because why take pictures of fish when you can scrape the evidence off your bumper instead)

#23 of 96 in the Whitey’s Rules Series

A limited edition…

Michael White Simms

From where else? Michael White Ltd.

I can’t decide whether to wear it, or trade it for a month in South Andros. Make that two months.

MG signing off (to find a taxidermist)

Talismans are for superstitious weirdos (like my friends and I)

Good Luck CharmsI know this person who has a necklace of tiny shells hanging from their rear-view mirror. Every once in a while they reach up and fiddle with it. The guise is releasing nervous anxiety, but it’s easy to see through that excuse. They are, of course, a die-hard fly fisher.

The condition runs wide

Michael White, fly-fishing manufacturers’ representative extraordinaire (a.k.a. Whitey), is well-known for sticking toads, and (surprise, surprise) he carries a good luck charm around as well. It’s a hyena, one that looks like it has fashion sense to boot. Editor’s note: this amulet was not present when Mr. White failed to call someone’s all-in during a certain round of hold ’em that was probably the turning point in said match. Ode to the skills that pay bar bills. Thank goodness.

BuddhaI’m guilty too

Affixed in the northwest corner of the northeast-most room in my abode, facing southeast, is a three-inch tall red Buddha. I originally thought it a gag, but the collie dog quickly took to greeting me each morning from within close proximity to the thing, and then staring intently at it as though engaged in some telepathic exchange. The pup has always been good luck, so I’ve rolled with it, and would be hard pressed to deny the positive effects.

My spiritual advisor recently suggested I dust the little guy off, maybe rub his belly a bit before I hit the sack. I would have scoffed, but she gave me the Buddha to begin with. The fact she has a tiny black dragon hanging inconspicuously in the corner of her foyer, staring directly at the front door, has nothing to do with my heeding the advice.

Now I suspect he who foists a golden object – that look strangely like a full-brim fishing hat – may be doing some traveling in the very near future.

MG signing off (to dig up a protective satchel for my little friend)