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Is mobile data usage a productivity deterrent?

Or is it just that productivity is a mobile data usage deterrent?

The following graph shows my mobile data usage by month over the last year…

mobile data usage

I’ve never been a data hog, but recently I made a change – I dumped my Blackberry for an old Nokia flip phone. It was a simple decision. RIM has had more than a year to update their drivers for 64-bit OS X, and when I made the switch recently I found the Blackberry would no longer sync. And there were no drivers available. It seems RIM is too busy fiddling with their half-fast attempt at a tablet computer (and walking out of interviews), because, you know, there is no need to pay attention to existing customers when you have a new product flop coming down the pike.

Nevertheless, when I dumped the Blackberry I also dumped my data plan (yep, the carrier loses too). But before I did, I checked to see how much data I was actually using – a little due diligence just to be sure I was making the right decision. Interestingly, I found that the more work I had on the plate, the less data I used. I’m almost in over my head – in a few more weeks I’ll be drowning – and [would have been] using virtually no data at all.

Funny thing is…none of my colleagues are complaining about any lack of communication either.


MG signing off (wondering when I’ll feel like I need a mobile data plan again)