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Mobile phone threats the new lobbying friend?

Juniper Research just released a report that says mobile phone threats rose dramatically in 2006, and that in the next few years, the market for mobile security products will explode.

Richard Clarke, former security advisor to four presidents, was quick to comment as well. And, as he’s got a consulting firm of his own, Good Harbor, it might be wise to heed the call (pun intended). Note: I like this guy – he thinks the whole “cyberterror” bit is overblown, right along with Bruce Schneier.

Regardless of what some experts say, I am certain there will be some folks waving this report around soon, touting a national security risk and pointing at my Aunt Jane’s pink Razr.

Mobile spam going broadcast style

No doubt this is going to be fun. In the capital of spams and scams, the kingpins are preparing for the next wave – unleashing broad-based advertising to mobile phones.

Mobile Hacking Moolah

I just finished mentioning how some hackers (meaning the bad ones) had moved on from guts and glory to renting out their talents for profit. Now it seems the same bad guys have moved even further, from hitting the wired world to beating up on the wireless one.