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Political blogosphere beginning its implosion

Throw a bunch of monkeys in a barrel, and what do you have? Uh, too many cooks in the kitchen?

The political blogosphere was once touted as the cure for mainstream media bias and mainstream politics – a right-down-the-middle inoculation for the everyday citizen. Unfortunately, any idiot reading poli-blogs know good and well those weblogs are about as biased as it gets – encapsulated piles of high school cheerleaders. So, you grow loyal to one set of them, you get one side and make one side of every story (while moderating any intelligible commentary), and you wind up with a pile of ill-formed talking points in your quiver. Your brain has turned to mush because you’ve lost the capability to think for yourself – the tin-foil hat interference notwithstanding.

I once questioned whether the political blogosphere could be controlled, but an answer is already forming up quite nicely.

What are the ingredients for a full-blown meltdown?

Start with a bunch of organization and courting from the mainstream politicos. Add a right-wing blogger, turned MSM right-wing blogger, turned plagiarist. Throw in some more questionable dealings, including a possible stock pump-and-dump scam.

Now that you are cooking, just blind the real issues by generating a big pissing contest over the minute:

Create obscure issue (out of nothing);
Defend (nothing);
Call people liars (over nothing).

“Nothing” new, bold, or world-changing in politics here.

I’m waiting for the next round. And begging for the knockout blow, so the noise will cease and I can comfortably resume buying media stocks.

News Bulletin: Universities at Risk

The Chicago Tribune reports (via the LA Times): College Door Ajar for Online Criminals.

I’m wondering if there is some standard for the number of records of personally identifiable information that must be stolen before the MSM picks up on a story, as they’re a little late to the punch here.

It won’t be long before there are sensationalist headlines pouring across the net, portraying this university hacking issue as something new. Oops, there’s one already.