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Typepad readies comment/trackback enhancements

One of the benefits of using a standalone MovableType install over a hosted solution is the substantial amount of control you get over comments and trackbacks. The bad thing about it is all the spam you get, but with additional tools such as MT-Blacklist and SpamLookup the job gets a lot easier very quickly.

Now, Typepad users are about to get some additional additional features to manage comment and trackbacks as well.

MT SpamLookup hits the ground running

Spamroll briefed you on the MT SpamLookup project about a month ago. It has not been installed on Spamroll yet, as MT-Blacklist has been doing just fine, and I wanted to hear how the experts fared with it first.

I just got that chance, and now so do you.

New spam defenses for Movable Type users

Bloggers have long been peppered with comment and trackback spam. It is a pervasive problem directly related to the gaming of search engines, of which the the biggest target seems to be Google.

Then along came MT-Blacklist, and at least Movable Type users received some relief. Now, one of the folks responsible for Movable Type development has come up with a new plugin with a number of feature enhancements, that may soon supplant it.

Google getting bombed, with eggs

It seems the blogging community is trying to “fight” back in the comment spam battle. There is a concerted effort in progress to increase the Google PageRank of Wikipedia for the term “online poker.” Somehow, bloggers feel if they can increase Wikipedia’s PageRank, that the spamming of their blogs will stop.

Is this a viable effort, or a show of infantile force? I think there are several issues at hand here.