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Rod review: Mystic M-Series (Parts 2 and 3)

A couple of weeks back I showed you the Mystic M-Series 593-4 and 693-4 in all their detail obsessed glory. I’ve since consumed copious amounts of alcohol with Mystic’s owners (Chris and Dennis) at Fly Fishing Retailer, and have to say it’s a fine bunch of folks up there in Michigan. I’ve also been reminded by Jeff Cooke (guide wunderkind, Mystic Rep, and generally great dude) that despite what I say about looking good being numero uno importante, how the rods fish is actually what matters. That thought hadn’t really crossed my mind, but I took heed of Cooke’s word and worked them as much as I could.

The lowdown on both rods follows. That makes two parts for the full review, not three as previously promised. Readers get luckier by the moment around here.


Rod review: Mystic M-Series (Part 1)

Mystic logoOnce in a while you actually fool someone into thinking you can actually fly fish. If you fish enough, can spin a healthy supply of ridiculously far-fetched tales on your blog, and are extremely photogenic have mastered Photoshop you might find a handful of people who take you fairly seriously. In my case that scenario happens in perpetuity, a fact realized when a representative from Mystic Outdoors showed up on my doorstep and handed me a couple of rods to play with over the next month.

The two rods from newcomer Mystic are the M-Series 593-4 and 693-4. That would be five and six weights, each running 9′ 3″ in four pieces. I would generally split this review into the requisite two parts, looks and operation on the water, but since I received two rods built for different purposes, I’m doing this review in three parts. Aren’t you lucky?!