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Fish sighted New Year’s Day, but the air smelled not so faintly of skunk

It’s a tradition amongst the losers with no date for New Year’s Eve hardcore flyfishing set, starting off the year on the water. Venturing out on January 1st is the means to prove thy mettle, braving ice and snow and wind to hook otherwise lethargic fish with singular tiny flies and tippet of thickness more akin to a human hair.

As you well know, I love the delicate scenario. That bit I’ve sold about slapping fat pieces of meat on the water, invoking territorial responses with saltwater fighting butts and three-foot pieces of 20# Maxima leader? It is bunk! Who in their right mind would do such a thing, experience the sight of a fish’s dorsal fin breaking the surface in chase, thrashing at a fly that otherwise hangs over the palm of the hand, when you can drift #22 UV-winged emergers through water devoid of snag-prone vegetation and watch trout after trout move calmly over to it and…


In the midst of a heck of a midge hatch to boot.


Colorado fishing folk have reason to rejoice in 2009

If you woke up from your New Year’s hangover, immediately reached into your vest, found your fishing license expired, and thought “damn, I spent that thirty bucks, and then some, at the bar the last night”, there’s no need to worry. You can fish on that 2008 license until March 31st.

That’s three free months of fishing, so you can safely head back to the bar with delusions of fiscal responsibility dancing in your head. California licensees only wish they were so lucky.