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Kurt-O in NZ

Our friend Kurt Olesek threw caution to the wind, packed his bags, and headed to New Zealand for the winter summer. This video makes me think I should have taken up the invite …

He’s been blogging and snapping photos too, posting them on a simple but effective site somebody built and hosts for him.

MG signing off (because you’re glad I didn’t insert a “wink” icon after that last sentence, aren’t you?)

Your money is presently unavailable

Financial institutions have long known that internet-based transactions lower costs. And with our increasingly cashless society, the internet can virtually eliminate the need for a customer to ever talk to anyone, or visit a brick and mortar establishment.

That is, unless some sneaks screw up the process.

NZ to crack down hard on their own

New Zealand has a bill on the platter that would hit local spammers with extremely stiff fines. If busted while sending spam from the homeland, spamming companies would face fines up to $500,000, and individuals could get hit for up to $200,000.

Unfortunately, New Zealand can’t do much to stop spam emanating from other countries. But if Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties in Florida could band together for similar action, maybe we might see some spam relief.