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Why the traditional news media is pathetic

Taken from Google News, which tracks said news media stories, as of 12pm MST:

A domestic dispute between a professional golfer and his wife? Not really anyone’s business except theirs (and maybe Nike and Buick’s), but it seems every news outlet on the planet is on it…


As global climate talks begin in Copenhagen, we have possible manipulation of data and destruction of evidence by climate researchers. Decisions based on what could be the largest fraud perpetrated in the history of mankind, costing the world trillions upon trillions of dollars, and changing life as we know it on planet earth for eternity…


News desks worldwide must be on their coffee break.


Foreclosure headline competition

The data is the same, but someone has to shape opinion.

Good news via Reuters – Foreclosures fall second time in 3 months.

Bad news via Bloomberg – U.S. Foreclosures Rose 68 Percent in November.

And my personal favorite…

Say something meaningless, via the Wall Street Journal – Foreclosure Activity May Have Peaked for Year.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I looked at the calendar.