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December to Remember: More Missed Reading

Because I was overworkedgolfingfishinghunting … just lazy; now delivering everything I wanted to read in December but didn’t until January …

No kidding -> Facebook is the 21st century, tech equivalent of cigarettes.

Sell ’em more! -> The Fed Now Owns One Third Of The Entire US Bond Market

Which do you kill first? -> Mathematical Model of Zombie Epidemics Reveals Two Types of Living-Dead Strains

Theoretical value, like the US dollar -> Bitcoin Fever Has Spawned 100+ Copycat Cryptocurrencies


The Previously Ignored Autumn Reading List

Everything saved this autumn to read soon thereafter, but wasn’t…until just a few hours ago.


Very cool. If you are into wine. -> A Beginner’s Guide to Wine (h/t Lifehacker)

The social illusion -> Facebook is bad for you. Get a life!


The Daily Show on “Pmail”

Depending on your political persuasion, you may laugh, cry, tout it, or feign ignorance. But if you are a stakeholder in any of the “news” outlets portrayed in this Jon Stewart masterpiece, you might want to start thinking about a new model.

Because the one you’re rolling with now isn’t particularly impressive.

Benazir Bhutto assassinated: proof positive of Twitter’s utility?

Via Dennis Howlett of ZDNet:

If anyone needed convincing of Twitter’s business utility, today is that day.


  • Was getting the Bhutto information faster via Twitter than say Google News?
  • How many people would one have to follow on Twitter to get all the relevant news they need?
  • and…

  • How many “I’m eating chocolate chip ice cream right now” tweets would one have to parse through to obtain the important data?
  • Google News getting spammed

    It isn’t the base search or the blog search either; it’s the news pages of sites like Google and Yahoo getting spammed by promotional messages.

    There is no cause for alarm here. The mainstream press isn’t exactly unbiased, one way or another. Major tech sites and big blogs hit the news pages too, and they usually have some type of agenda. Cripes…I’ve seen political blogs make the news – they certainly have something to sell.

    Would you like a newspaper subscription?

    The persistence of newsprint remains, despite what the blogosphere thinks. Tech Liberation Front mentions that plenty of newspapers are still showing up in the refuse pile, and notes that a recent poll suggested people still look to papers for local news and information.

    I am not sure if the growing amount of newsprint refuse is a sign that people still find newspapers useful, or one of waning in originality of content combined with the inability to just call and cancel their subscription. Could also be that less people are moving nowadays, so they don’t need that paper to wrap their wine glasses in, hence its winding up in the subway bin?

    State of the News Media

    Journalism.org recently released their 2005 report on the state of the news media. We have seen a lot of interesting changes taking place in news. Participatory journalism, centering on the blogosphere, has been the main event. But lets not forget the battles Google News has had and is having, The New York Times purchase of About.com, and the number of longtime nightly news anchors calling it quits.

    I think this latest report may shed some light on the underlying issues which created some of the events above, as well as what the future holds. While not a quick read, the report can be printed in parts from the index. You can find it here: State of the News Media.

    Among other things, Symantec says phishing up +300%

    There has been a lot of chatter about the latest reports from Symantec about security issues. Some say it is valid, and folks should be on guard, while others say it is all FUD to sell product.

    I don’t take security for granted, whether it be on a Mac, Windows or Linux, and neither should you.