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Nigerian fortunes are real

Either that, or Nigerian 419 scammers are now in kahoots with BBC News.

Two “wives” of a dead Nigerian multi-millionaire are now fighting over his $55 million estate. Ha!

I wonder if the women will suffer from the “boy who cried wolf” phenomena.

Nigerian motherload lands some in the slammer

I am not sure whether this is the first of its kind, or the only one of its kind. A Nigerian woman is getting two and a half years in jail for, get this, pulling off a $242 million heist from a South American bank (most of the money was later recovered, but some bank officials are taking the heat as well).

The Nigerian government is claiming this is the first prosecution of its kind. Lets all hope the enormity of the scam is a one of a kind.

Phish the Feds

The US Government is far away from getting its act together regarding network security. Some branches of government have been making some choices regarding battening down the hatches, but the general consensus is that federal agencies have no clue as to how to stop computer security threats.

Now, from the same GAO report that found agencies woefully unprepared, we find that a lot of government workers are falling victim to phishing exploits. Furthermore, a big part of the solution needs to revolve around reporting threats internally, and government workers fail in that regard as well.

If I was still getting beaten up by Nigerian 419 scams, I’d be too embarrassed to report it too!

College students hit by tech saavy African phish

The Yale Daily News reported a phishing exploit that was based on the Nigerian 419 format. While the university put a quick stop to it, the notion highlights how much more sophisticated these exploits are now becoming. Read Phishing’ scheme targets students for more.