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After dark

People go out for dinner…after dark.

The sprinklers [usually] go on…after dark.

Automatic vehicle headlights activate…after dark.

UFOs are often seen flying through the sky…after dark.

Movie characters turn into vampires and werewolves…after dark.

But the very best of all…largemouth bass gorge on top-water flies…

After dark.

MG signing off (to turn out the lights)

Do home computers need Ambien?

There is all this chatter going on about home computers under attack. In 1999 I got a cable connection in the house, and it took about a week to figure out I was getting pinged like crazy – ZoneAlarm to the rescue. This is nothing new, but the scare mongers prevail.

Now we hear numbers on how much your computer gets attacked at night.

I am sure we will soon hear anti-virus software companies spewing the pitch – “We protect your computer while you sleep.” It will come from some ad or PR firm, who think they are really cute – you know, the same ones that are pitching the latest drug for your sore pinky.

I just want to know – has anyone heard of the “sleep” function? Or better yet, the power button? I think those come with computers nowadays.