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Disrupting retail from the inside out

Not by creating yet another online outlet, but by making the retail distribution channel obsolete:

The store is also expected to handle the single reason why Threadless is not available in major retailers: stores can’t simply keep up with a weekly turnover of new designs. Remember, they offer new designs each week– something that can be a headache for retailers.

Threadless is injecting serious value into the retail presence as well.

UPDATE: Chris Messina notes they are integrating OAuth too. These guys have a lot going on.

Trusted Authentication Specification 1.0 Draft 5

The title is a complex way of saying: give me the power to transfer data between sites I use, with the help of OpenID. There are other initiatives being worked on along the same lines, including OAuth.

OpenID, TAS, OAuth…FOAF, SNAP, etc. etc. Fun times.

PS: As data portability goes, the Social Network Portability Google Group may also be of interest to some.