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Ohio University sued over multiple break-ins

Ohio University has struggled as of late with hackers. Actually, struggle isn’t doing the problem justice. The institution has been hacked time and time….uh…..again. And after they ignored warnings over faulty security to boot.

Now they are being sued. Class action status is being pursued, with ongoing credit monitoring and damages for identity theft losses being the bounty.

As John Burns, OU’s legal affairs director noted on the lawsuit:

“We’ll review it and we’ll defend it.”

How do you defend five hacks, and a possible class action lawsuit seeking reasonable assistance with potential problems caused solely by your negligence? Or better, why do you defend against it?

The lack of accountability, as well as the arrogance, in institutions, is astonishing.

That makes five break-ins at OU

Ohio University just chalked up its fourth and fifth hacks, and..

“..they’ve taken drastic steps to tighten up their firewalls within their computer systems that will help prevent breaches.”

After the previous hassles, the only “drastic steps” I can think of are shutting all the servers down, one after the other.

Or maybe officials there are still thinking it is just some silly students trying to change their grades.

Thrice bitten on data theft, but how shy?

Hackers have bitten Ohio University for the third time in less than a month. Add this 60,000 medical record heist to the 200,000 records stolen from the alumni association and you might have a pretty big hole in that institution’s systems. Oops, I forgot – 300,000 records were stolen from the research arm a few weeks prior. “Might” doesn’t cut it anymore.